Easy ways to get creative for Mother’s Day

Whether it’s in person or virtually, Mother’s Day is a chance to share the love.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to hand deliver a gift, here’s three easy ways to transform instax pics into something carefully crafted for mum. These quick-to-create instax gifts will keep the warm-fuzzies going for much longer.


Flower bouquet
Take a simple bouquet and turn it into something special by adding a few of your own full bloom moments to the bouquet.

How to:
Using wooden skewers as the “stems” for your photos, tape these to the back of the instax photos. Arrange in a jar or vase with the flowers, then finish off with a colour-coordinated bow to complete the look.



Framed florals
If fresh flowers aren’t an option, then try framed ones. A longer-lasting option with visual impact, this is a gift that works for Mum or any floral loving friends.

How to:
An instax printer will come in handy here: scroll through your phone gallery to select 3 -4 of your favourite flower snaps. Or using your instax camera, head outdoors and snap all the bright and beautiful blooms you can find.

Take a clear photo frame, as pictured, or a standard frame with a white backing behind photos. Artfully arrange your photos, adding any dried flowers, petals or autumn leaves you’ve found to enhance this botanical beauty.


Personalised present
If you’ve already got a gift lined up but just need the finishing touch, bring in the instax photos to make it extra memorable.

How to:
If you want to use one photo: choose your favourite warm-fuzzy pic with your mum, or if using two photos one of her, another or you. Then using stickers, a paper clip or ribbon, attached the photo/s in prime position for a thoughtfully personalised present.


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