Introducing the instax SQUARE SQ20

Meet the newest member of the instax family – the SQUARE SQ20!

This chic new hybrid instant camera is available in black and beige, and is an upgrade of the SQUARE SQ10. This new model boasts a whole load of brand new features, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it! One of the best features of the new SQUARE SQ20 is its brilliant Motion mode, which you can use to pick your favourite shot from a sequence and press the print button knowing you’ve got the perfect shot!

Read on to find out what we love most about it.

Never miss a moment

In the blink of an eye you can miss a perfect moment, but Motion mode allows you to record a short video and then rewind and scroll through each step to find the perfect capture to print. It’s simple and speedy so you can wave goodbye to blurred action and near misses! It’s ideal for fun jump shots, leaf or confetti throws or any other quick moments that you don’t want to miss.

To access the Motion mode, move the ‘on’ slide to the middle and you can then choose to add a creative filter to your sequence. There are even three special filters unique to the Motion mode: Sequence, Retro and Film. Press the shutter button to start filming and then again to stop. Once you’ve taken your mini video, use the scroller to find the best shot, hit OK to save it and press the print button to instantly print it. Alternatively, you can use the Time Shift Collage function to frame four parts of an action sequence in one shot, while seeing the sequence split into four across the screen.


sq20 motion mode

Get in closer

You can zoom in on your subjects with the Tele to Wide lens options – simply twist the lens on the front of the camera or turn the dial button on the back.

sq20 selfie mirror

Pack in more pictures

Also new to the SQUARE SQ20 are the Split and Collage shooting modes, which allow you to choose from a variety of templates to arrange several photos on one print, creating the perfect collage! To access all of the shooting modes, press the MENU OK button when on the shooting screen, select SHOOTING MODE and then browse the options!

instax collage

A pop of colour

We love that you can also get arty with the six new partial colour filters. You can choose to focus on purple, blue, green, yellow, orange or red, and the camera will turn everything to black & white in the image with the exception of your chosen colour. Take a shot in each colour and you could create an awesome collage to put on your wall. To access these filters, press the filter button above the scroller.

pop colour

Super selfies

Hooray – the instax SQUARE SQ20 has a selfie mirror! Now you and your friends can perfectly frame yourselves for those all-important selfies AND you can print several copies so you each have one to treasure!

Favourite features

Of course, the SQUARE SQ20 has some of our favourite features from the SQUARE SQ10, such as Double Exposure, which allows you to get creative and superimpose two images in one photo. It’s also got the Bulb mode, ideal for shooting things such as fireworks and sparklers in the dark. double exposure on the sq20

Sample images taken with the instax SQUARE SQ20






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