Terms and conditions for the  Mini 9 $25 Cash Back

FUJIFILM NZ Black Friday Mini 9 $25 Cash Back

Terms and Condition

  1. This FUJIFILM instax mini 9 Cash Back promotion (“Promotion”) runs from Wednesday 22nd January 2020 to Wednesday 4th March 2020 inclusive (the “Promotional Period”), and applies exclusively to the purchase by customers (“FUJIFILM NZ Customers”) during the Promotional Period of relevant FUJIFILM NZ promotional products, being Qualifying Purchases (as specified in clause 6.1 below), from FUJIFILM NZ Limited (“FUJIFILM NZ”) at an authorised FUJIFILM NZ outlet in New Zealand (“Authorised FUJIFILM NZ Outlet”), and is subject to available stock. 2. For the avoidance of doubt, this Promotion will not apply to Qualifying Purchases made after Wednesday 4th March 2020. 3. FUJIFILM NZ Customers who participate in this Promotion are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. 4. Each FUJIFILM NZ Customer who: 4.1 completes a Qualifying Purchase from an Authorised FUJIFILM NZ Outlet within the Promotional Period; and 4.2 completes and submits a properly and fully completed redemption form (found at www.instax.co.nz/promotions) including without limitation, the following details:  4.2.1 the FUJIFILM NZ Customer’s full contact details; 4.2.2 the Qualifying Purchase date and the name of the Authorised FUJIFILM NZ dealer; and 4.2.3 proof of the Qualifying Purchase (see clause 6.3 below) (“Claim”), will be entitled to receive the Cash back Payment as specified in clause 6.2, subject to these terms and conditions. 5. All claims must be validly lodged, and actually received by FUJIFILM NZ no later than 5pm on Wednesday 18th March 2020. FUJIFILM will not process any Claims received after this date and is not responsible for late, lost or incomplete or misdirected Claims. 6. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions: 6.1 “Qualifying Purchase” means the purchase of a FUJIFILM promotional product specified under the words “Qualifying Purchase” in the table below; and 6.2 “Cash back Payment” means, in the case of a specified Qualifying Purchase, the corresponding monetary amount (as applicable) specified under the words “Cash back Payment)” in the table below:


Qualifying Purchase (in a single transaction): Cash back Payment (NZD)
 Instax mini 9 camera smoky white

Instax mini 9 camera flamingo pink

Instax mini 9 camera ice blue

Instax mini 9 camera lime green

Instax mini 9 camera cobalt blue

Instax mini 9 ice blue gift pack

Instax mini 9 clear gift pack



6.3 “Proof of the Qualifying Purchase” includes a scan or photo of the original receipt issued for the Qualifying Purchase by the Authorised FUJIFILM NZ Outlet, or such other proof of the Qualifying Purchase as is acceptable to FUJIFILM NZ in its sole discretion. Failure to produce Proof of the Qualifying Purchase may, at the sole discretion of FUJIFILM NZ, result in forfeiture of any right to a Cash back Payment. 7. Following receipt and verification of a Claim by FUJIFILM NZ, FUJIFILM NZ will  7.1 conduct a direct debit transfer in the amount specified in clause 6.2, in accordance with the details supplied on the redemption form (“Transfer”). 8. FUJIFILM NZ reserves the right to accept or reject any Claim in its sole and absolute discretion including without limitation, rejecting claims that are incorrect or incomplete. 9. Only 1 Claim per Qualifying Purchase may be made. 10. Any FUJIFILM NZ Customer who completes a Qualifying Purchase for which a Cash back Payment is subsequently given will not be eligible to receive any further Cash back Payment in relation to that Qualifying Purchase and may, if requested by FUJIFILM NZ, be required to return to FUJIFILM NZ any Cash back Payment received by that FUJIFILM NZ Customer in relation to that Qualifying Purchase. 11. Fraudulent conduct in respect of any Claim may result in legal action. 12. Any FUJIFILM NZ Customer who has submitted a valid Claim to FUJIFILM NZ should allow up to 28 working days for receipt of the Transfer, calculated from 14 days after the date on which FUJIFILM NZ approves the validity of such Claim and notifies the FUJIFILM NZ Customer by email. 13. This Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other promotions or other offers whatsoever and is only available to New Zealand residents. 14. Any right to receive a Cash back Payment in connection with a Qualifying Purchase under this Promotion is personal to the relevant FUJIFILM NZ Customer and cannot be assigned, transferred or exchanged for cash or other products and can only be redeemed through FUJIFILM NZ. 15. Any tax liability, which may arise as a result of any Claim, will be the sole responsibility of the relevant FUJIFILM NZ Customer. 16. FUJIFILM NZ will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused or sustained by any participant under this Promotion. 17. FUJIFILM NZ shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil the Promotion, or to satisfy any of these Terms and Conditions, owing to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. 18. Transfers will only be conducted to valid New Zealand bank accounts. FUJIFILM NZ shall not be liable if a FUJIFILM NZ Customer provides an incorrect account number, name or other details in the Claim which results in non-payment or non-receipt of a Transfer or Claim. 19. FUJIFILM reserves the exclusive right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason. 20. Employees of FUJIFILM NZ, its subsidiary companies, franchisees, their families, agents, retailers and other parties directly involved with this Promotion are not eligible to participate in this Promotion. 21. The Promoter is FUJIFILM NZ Limited of 2C William Pickering Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632.