Capture Memories in Style with Instax Link Square!

Capture Memories in Style with Instax Link Square!

31 May 2023

Looking for a classic link printer that covers all your needs? Look no further than the Link Square Printer.

The Instax Link Square printer offers a range of features and creative options to help you make the most of your instant photography experience. Here are some tips on how to maximize your enjoyment with the Instax Link Square:

Familiarize Yourself with the App: The Instax Link Square printer works in conjunction with the Instax Mini Link app. Take some time to explore the app's various functions and features. Learn how to navigate through the app, access different printing modes, apply filters and frames, create collages, and experiment with other creative tools.


Edit and Enhance Photos: Before sending your photos to the printer, take advantage of the editing tools in the Instax Mini Link app. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, or crop the image to create the desired effect. You can also apply filters to add a unique touch or choose from a selection of fun frames to make your prints stand out.

Experiment with Collage Printing: The Instax Link Square printer allows you to create collages using multiple photos. Explore the collage printing feature in the app and experiment with different layouts and arrangements. Combine your favourite images to tell a visual story or capture a series of moments in a single print.

Utilise Video Print: The Instax Mini Link app lets you extract still frames from videos and print them using the printer. This feature is perfect for capturing dynamic scenes or special moments that may be difficult to capture in a single photo. Browse through your videos, select the frame you want, and transform it into an instant print.

Get Creative with Split Printing: The Instax Link Square printer supports split printing, allowing you to print a single photo across two Instax Square prints. This feature provides a unique and eye-catching effect, giving you the opportunity to create larger compositions or imaginative montages.

Engage in Social Functions: The Instax Link Square printer offers social functions that allow you to connect multiple smartphones to the printer simultaneously. Make use of the "Party Print" feature, which combines photos from different devices into a single print. It's a great way to capture group memories or create collaborative prints at parties or events.

Embrace Motion Control: The Instax Link Square printer features a motion sensor that enables you to control various functions by tilting the printer. Experiment with this feature to zoom in or out, rotate images, or trigger a remote shutter for your smartphone camera. It adds an interactive and playful element to your instant photography experience.

Share and Display Prints: Once you've printed your photos, don't let them gather dust. Share your prints with friends and loved ones or display them creatively in your living space. Consider creating a photo wall, framing your favourite prints, or using them as personalised gifts.


Remember, the Instax Link Square printer is designed to bring joy and creativity to your instant photography endeavours. Embrace the features, explore different printing options, and have fun capturing and sharing your memorable moments in a tangible way.