instax WIDE 400
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instax WIDE 400
WIDE 400
WIDE 400
The INSTAX WIDE 400, a reimagined WIDE format analog instant camera that lets you explore all things wide. Because your everyday adventures deserve to go large.
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Automatic Exposure
Automatic Exposure
Light work
The INSTAX WIDE 400 features automatic exposure and flash control, so there's no need to set anything up, or adjust any controls. It's just a case of aim and click for great photos every time.
All together now
With the iconic analog-style self-timer lever, group shots can now feature the whole group. By rotating the dial, you can set four, six, eight or ten second increments before pressing the shutter button; then pose until the magic happens (with the LED countdown, it's easy to keep track of time).
Angle & Snap
Angle & Snap
Perfectly angled
No tripod, no problem. The INSTAX WIDE 400 comes fully equipped with a camera angle adjustment accessory. With two height options, simply pick the angle you want, slide the little accessory under the camera into the custom fit space, set the self-timer and step back into the frame.
Design Focused

Ruggedly beautiful

Where a sense of adventure meets modern styling. The INSTAX WIDE 400 comes in a fresh, understated Green, making this instant camera look even more momentous. And for those who carry a tripod with them, you'll find a handy tripod mount on the bottom.

Heading out? The neat shoulder strap is a bonus for any adventure.

Opt for the unique carry case, and you'll have a real conversation-starter on your hands.
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
An all-inclusive instant camera, ideal for capturing everyday adventures. Thanks to the incredibly user-friendly analog-style controls, everyone is invited, both in the frame AND behind the lens. Twist to turn on, twist further to enter Landscape mode, then twist to turn off. Whose turn is it next?
Focus Modes
Focus Modes
Look sharp
With two focus modes, capturing super-authentic INSTAX WIDE photos overflowing with stories is a given.
Normal mode offers simplicity at its finest, helping you treasure everyday moments.
Enter Landscape mode to capture those breathtakingly beautiful landscape shots.
Connect the Close-up lens attachment to make sure you don't miss a thing when up close.
Enhanced Viewfinder
Enhanced Viewfinder
Take a peek through the INSTAX WIDE 400 viewfinder and you'll see two line-layouts. One is for normal and landscape shots, one is for close-up images, both designed to get you the perfectly composed shot. Because getting the image you see should be effortless.
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
WIDE 400 lifestyle image
All inclusive.
Twice as wide as instax mini film and designed to make the most of the bigger format. WIDE film still uses the same professional high-quality film technology, as you'd expect from Fujifilm. It's a win-win situation.
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  • Film - Fujifilm Instant Colour Film "instax WIDE" (separately available)
  • Film Size - 86mm x 108mm Picture Size 62mm x 99mm
  • Film Developing Time - Approximately 90 seconds (varies depending on the ambient temperature)
  • Lens - Retractable lens, 2 components, 2 elements
  • Focal length - f = 95 mm, 1:14
  • Shooting range:
    Normal Mode (0.9 m - 3 m)
    Landscape Mode (3 m and beyond)
    Close-up lens range (40 - 50 cm)
Battery Specs
  • AA-size alkaline batteries (LR6) (x4)
  • Printing capacity - approximately 100 (the number of prints depends on the usage conditions)
  • Auto power off time - After 5 minutes
  • Automatic flash (automatic light adjustment)
  • Charging time - 7 seconds or less (when using new batteries)
  • Effective flash range - 0.9 m to 3 m
  • Camera angle adjustment accessory
  • Shoulder strap
  • Close-up lens
  • AA-size alkaline batteries (LR6) (x4)
  • Programmed electronic shutter - 1/64 to 1/200 seconds
  • Exposure control - Automatic, Lv 10.5 to 15 (ISO 800)
  • Real image finder, 0.37×, with target spot
  • 162 mm × 98 mm × 123 mm
  • 616 g (without battery, strap, film cartridge, and close-up lens)
  • Four timing options: 4-seconds, 6-seconds, 8-seconds and 10-seconds
Simulated images used. Prints eject from INSTAX cameras/printers with the reverse side facing forward.
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