5 fun instax features to make your prints pop

5 fun instax features to make your prints pop

04 Aug 2022

With your instax in hand and a world of wonder to capture, there’s so much more to the instax mini link, the NEW instax mini Link 2 and mini LiPlay than meets the eye.

Allowing you to embrace your creative side and personalise your prints, from frames to fun features, here are our 5 tips for adding the ‘wow’ factor to your instax moments.

Tell a Story with Collages

Collage Print mini Link

With over 14 styles of collages available on the mini Link 2, this feature is a must-have when you have too many amazing moments to fit into one shot. Collages are a great way to tell a story with your memories, helping you remember all the best moments from a day in one epic print.

How to use Collage Print: Download and open the instax mini Link app. Head to Collage Print, choose your prefer collage layout and start adding photos! Connect your phone to your mini Link to print your creation!

Paint a Picture with Sketch, Edit & Print

mini Link Sketch, edit & Print

Embrace your inner artist with the mini Link 2's Sketch, Edit & Print mode which lets you add weird and wonderful sketches, scribbles or text to your photos before printing. This feature allows you to get creative and bring your snaps to life in a way like never before. Write messages to your loved ones or unleash your inner artist with ease by using this fun and playful option.

How to use Sketch, Edit & Print: Download and open the instax mini Link app. Tap on Sketch, Edit & Print in the bottom bar then create your sketches and handwritten text, before adding them to your photos and printing.

A Frame Worth Fame

instax frames

From rainbows and masquerade masks, to angel wings and balloons, the mini Link 2 and mini LiPlay offer a bunch of funky frames to make your memories that one step more magical.

Have you ever wanted to take a selfie with Pickachu or turn yourself into Mario? Well now you can! A must-try for Nintendo fans, the new instax mini Link app for Nintendo Switch allows you to choose from a variety of your favourite character frames (from Pokémon Snap, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Super Mario) to print on your own instax photos.

How to use Frame Print: Depending on your product, download the instax mini LiPlay app (for mini LiPlay users) and either the instax mini Link app or the instax mini Link app for Nintendo Switch (for mini Link users) and follow the prompts to Frame Print.

It's Party Time!

mini Link Party Print

With COVID-19 restrictions putting a pause on some parties right now, the celebrations don’t have to end thanks to the instax mini Link's Party Print feature! Connect with up to five of your besties to create unique instax prints that will have you laughing for hours! You can even turn on Surprise Mode to keep the final image a secret until it develops.

How to use Party Print: Download and open the instax mini Link app. After clicking on Party Print in the bottom bar, you’ll be able to connect with up to five friends to create an instax print!

Find your Match Made in Heaven

instax mini Link Match Test

If you’re looking to find your perfect instax snapping companion, then it’s time to take your very own compatibility test with this instax mini Link feature! Share a laugh and get one step closer to finding your soul mate in the process.

How to use Match Test: Download and open the instax mini Link. Click on Match Test in the bottom bar and answer a few compatibility questions to get your score. Alternatively you can leave your score up to fate by going with the 'Quick Diagnosis'.