5 ways to personalise your home office

5 ways to personalise your home office

18 Nov 2021

With more people than ever working from home right now, there has never been a better time to revamp your home office from drab to fab. Your work space directly impacts productivity, focus and creativity. Here are five ways you can personalise, organise and have fun with your home office.

1. Go green

Not only do plants increase attentiveness and boost productivity, they're also perfect for adding a pop of colour and life to your home office. So what will it be, a striking succulent, the classic orchid or a funky fern? Whatever it is, be sure to consider its access to sunlight, water and temperature.

2. Embrace your travel bug

While you may not be sailing the Mediterranean, who's to say you can't decorate your space with instax photos to remind you of your incredible past travel adventures. Get inspired and embrace your wanderlust with San Francisco next to your screen or Cairns by your calendar!

3. Get bright with lights

There's nothing quite like natural sunlight to brighten your work space. But if this isn't possible, why not find a cute desk lamp to create a warm vibe or hang fairy lights to give a special magical feel to your work space?

4. Feel the love

One of the best ways to personalise your home office is to surround yourself with photos of your besties, loved ones and furry friends. Stick your instax prints on your wall or have them standing on mini easels to make you feel as if your besties are right there with you!

5. Say goodbye to clutter

A clear space equals a clear mind, so get creative with your organisation. To keep your area free of clutter, use your instax prints to create fun and personalised labels for everything from tech cords to bills and files and trips from your past holidays.