Christmas DIY with instax

Christmas DIY with instax

11 Dec 2020

Level-up your Christmas gifting with our easy instax DIY Christmas ideas. From personalised gift tags to familiar faces in your baubles, Christmas gets a whole lot more fun with instax photos in the mix. Don't forget to keep the camera on hand to capture all the magical moments!

1. Personalised baubles

What better way to use your instax photos this silly season than create baubles of your favourite photos to hang on your Christmas tree! Put a photo or two inside a bauble along with ribbon, tinsel or anything other decorations to hang on the tree, easy!

2. Photo tags

Instead of writing your loved ones name on your gift for them this year, print or take a photo of them and attach it to their gift this year! Plus you get to see everyone's smiling faces under the tree!

3. Personalised Christmas cards

Create Christmas cards this year with a photo of yourself or family to send to loved ones! Stick the photo down and write a message or drawing to make quick and easy personalised cards, done!

4. Instant hangers

If you don't fancy trapping your instax prints in baubles then why not simply let them hang free? Using the instax mini link app, print your favourite pictures upside down so that the wider white area is at the top of your image. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the widest part, or if you'd prefer a smaller hole, carefully use a needle. Thread through your string, tie a knot then get decorating.

5. Last minute gift?

Got to Christmas eve and realised you've forgotten a gift? Need an extra stocking stuffer?

Tie a ribbon around a box of instax film and you're good to go, the gift that every instax lover will appreciate!

Merry Christmas from the instax NZ team! Keep taking instax photos throughout the holiday season and don't forget there are so many ways to use your photos and get creative.