How to get an (actually) usable photo of your children

How to get an (actually) usable photo of your children

29 Sep 2022

Getting the perfect shot of your child is anything but child’s play! Little ones grow up very quickly, so it’s important to capture the big (and small!) moments. How can you take better photos of your children? Here are our top tips for using instax to take photos worth sticking on the fridge.

Shoot, shoot, and shoot again

When photographing kids, more often than not, the first shot isn’t a keeper. Sometimes the second isn’t either. But fear not, with the instax mini LiPlay, you can take, take and take again, choosing the best photo to print. Plus, if it’s reminiscing on old memories that you’re after, the mini LiPlay allows you to print directly from your smartphone.

Master photographing a moving child

Children aren’t really known for their love of staying still. So how do you photograph a moving child without it looking blurry? We suggest you snap a photo with your phone camera and then print it off using the instax Wide Printer. This allows you to capture photos of active kids while maintaining quality.

Capture everyday moments, without worrying about camera settings

Whether it’s a backyard tea party, or a walk around the park, it’s the seemingly everyday moments that can make the best photos. The trick is remembering to grab the shot when your kids are in the middle of play.

The instax mini 11 makes instant photography easy. The camera’s automatic exposure calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts the shutter speed accordingly meaning you can spend less time playing around with settings and more time playing with your little humans!

And don’t forget your instax strap, allowing you to carry your instax in comfort and style, keeping it close by while your kids run amok.

Join in on the shot

From self timers to selfie-mode, you can get the whole family in on the fun and include them in shot. If you’re having trouble trying to squeeze all your loved ones into the frame, try instax SQUARE film or even instax WIDE film. Double the film, double the family!

Turn the lights off

It sounds counterintuitive, but it can help to turn off any artificial lights in a room to see where the best natural light is. This is normally from a window, so set up something to draw the attention of your child and position them so they’re looking towards the window. As the photographer, you should have your back to the window, or be off to the side slightly.

Add some creative flair to your prints

It’s not just about getting the right shot - involve your little ones in making your printed photos as creative as possible. The instax mini Link 2 printer will keep kids entertained for hours at a time and make photo time fun! With a wide variety of frames and filters to choose, your children will be able to turn every shot into a little work of art.