Surprise Trip Treasure Hunt!

Planning a surprise for someone is almost as fun as the event itself and making the recipient guess what it is can really build the excitement. Use your instax camera to capture pictures of clues and leave them around your house for them to find.

What you’ll need:
-instax mini 9
-Items relating to your trip

The Clues: What To Shoot

If your surprise involves travel abroad then a picture of a passport is a must. If you’ll be travelling by train or car, choose a picture of something that represents your mode of transport. Place the images in order around the house where you think they might spot them first, which could match their morning routine. You don’t want the ‘hottest’ clue to be found first, so get creative!

Passport picture shown on instax

When they’ve figured out that a trip is on the cards, the next clue could be a photo of something relating to the country. Euros should keep them guessing as so many countries use them.

euros for surprise

Next, go for something that narrows their guesses down. Maybe a photo of food relating to the location, so a croissant for France, a burger for America, pizza or pasta for Italy – you get the idea.

If they haven’t guessed by now, then your last clue should be the giveaway shot. How about a close-up of a map showing the destination? Go for as many clues as you like – to keep them guessing or to give the game away! If you’ve planned an activity like a posh meal, a beach trip or an adventure, use photos of the clothes they’ll need.

Paris - map shot on instax



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