10 Things to Shoot with Your instax Camera

You’ve got your instax camera, you’ve mastered how to use it and you’ve got plenty of film to shoot to your heart’s content. To make sure you never run out of things to capture, here’s our list of top 10 things to shoot…


Put yourself in the frame! We all love a good selfie, and if you have a mirror on the front or your instax, use it to help position yourself in the frame. And, of course, grab a few group shots too.



Some are easier to photograph than others, but if your pretty pooch or cute cat loves the camera, then get them in on the instax action too. 



When you order some amazing food, take a picture of how beautifully it’s been presented or try to capture just how delicious it looks. Don’t forget home-made treats and bakes and quirky drinks too!



Whether it’s a beautiful local scene, a trip to the big city or maybe even a holiday destination with breathtaking views, capture those stunning sights that you’ll never want to forget.



Get abstract with architecture – look for interesting lines and shapes, or go classic and photograph older buildings in a more traditional way.




Your friends and family are the perfect subjects, so get them to strike a pose. Or capture fun and candid moments from great days out or special events. And to take even better portaits, check out our Perfect Portraits guide.



Vibrant and colourful flowers brighten up every setting. If you’re looking for images to bring a bit of colour to your room, flowers are the perfect subject. Try getting up close or shooting the flowers from above, as well as shooting at their level.



Want to show off your awesome shoes? Look for eye-catching textures or patterns on the floor and put your feet in the frame. This is a great subject for a photo series!


Days out

Photo opportunities are everywhere, so it’s a good idea to take your instax camera with you whenever you have something special planned (or even if you don’t!). Capture the story of your day, then you can put the pictures in an album or diary to look back on.
For more inspiration see – Day Tripping With instax.


They’re all around us and can be totally obvious or really small. Look around for things that grab your attention – a street sign, some cool graffiti, abstract shapes, patterns or eye-catching colour.   




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