creative generosity has no limits

Our thoughts and love go out to everyone affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. In this uncertain time, we hope that you can visit us for your fix of positivity, inspiration and a whole lot of beautiful moments.

As we are sure you are all aware, there has never been a more important time to practice kindness and generosity. We also hope to give back to you with inspiration to make you feel good; as well as a platform to connect with each other.

We are instax.
We are not about taking.
We are about giving.
And creating more generous moments.
And inspiring people to do the same.
With the world social-distancing,
Being creatively generous is more important than ever.
Despite being physically distant,
Emotionally, we’re closer than ever.

So give a little or give a lot.
Give kindness, good vibes, or some love.
Give an air hug or air guitar.
Give funny faces or just an open ear.
Give friendship or a virtual high five.

Stay safe. We are thinking of you.



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