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We caught up with Lifestyle, Travel and City photographer Eren Sarigul to see how he uses instax SQUARE film to make an impact in his artwork.

Can you give us a bit of background: where are you from, how did you get into photography and have you always been interested in photography?

I’ve held an interest in photography since a young age, but I actually only picked up my first camera back in 2015, ahead of my first trip to Japan. Ever since then there has hardly been a day when I haven’t taken a photo. I’m based in London but make frequent trips to Istanbul and Tokyo, which give me plentiful opportunities to capture vibrant city life from across the world.
instax SQUARE SQ10 prints

How would you describe your style of photography? What are your favourite subjects to photograph?

I enjoy shooting in cities and capturing the smaller details which people may miss during their day-to-day lives. I’m constantly inspired by the ceaseless change which takes place in cities as well as how nature interacts with them.

When did you first pick up an instax camera? What do you love about instax?

The first time I picked up an instax camera was shortly before my trip to South Korea a little over a year ago. I wanted a camera which would allow me to share the photos that I took of people during my trip.

instax SQUARE SQ6 prints

We know you’re a fan of the SQUARE format instax prints, which of the SQUARE products is your favourite and why?

My favourite is the instax SHARE SP-3 printer. Firstly, it just looks awesome, which is always important, but as a daily FUJIFILM X-Pro2 user, the SP-3 is a lightweight printer I keep in my bag at all times which allows me to print off and share snaps while on the go.

instax SHARE SP-3 Printer
instax SHARE SP-3 Printer

Talk us through your instax kit? Which features of each product do you find to be most beneficial for the different images you take?

The instax SQUARE SQ10 is the most versatile of the three – in a sense, it’s the complete package. I can line up shots perfectly with the screen, edit the shots in camera and print them off, making it a great general walk-around camera. The instax SQUARE SQ6 is all about the analogue experience without having to deal with processing 35mm film. Having to line up shots using only the viewfinder has also improved my photography as you have to give yourself longer to think about the shot before pressing the shutter button. As for the instax SHARE SP-3 printer, it’s the perfect companion for any of the cameras in Fujifilm’s mirrorless range, and having a high-quality printer at hand makes sharing shots with friends and family a breeze.

instax SQUARE prints taken in Japan

What tips and tricks would you give to anyone who has one of the SQUARE cameras and wants to get the most out of shooting with them?

With the SQ10, my best advice would be to take it out with you and practise using it every day. I also advise reducing the exposure compensation while shooting as it gives a little more leeway for in-camera editing. For the SQ6, keep the camera in landscape mode for general street or city photography. It’s also important to slow down, think about the composition, judge the distance and assess the lighting prior to pushing the shutter button.

instax SQUARE film prints

Are you working on any projects we should know about?

Yes, I am currently working on a Fujifilm project, using the SHARE SP-3 printer, which involves street photography from my most recent trip to Japan! Watch this space..

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